Why POHorizon™?

Greatly reduce your international trade risks.

POHorizon™ allows companies to create shipping documents, track their freight, share & retain necessary documents and stay compliant with global trade records retention requirements and U.S. import/export laws. POHorizon™ monitors shipments and costs across the supply chain, allowing you to make real-time decisions to prevent and solve problems. It optimizes collaboration across all key players inside and outside your company.

Because along with your core logistics costs, records creation and retrieval capabilities must be AFFORDABLE and EASY to deploy and manage between your global operations, as well as between your partners & vendors

POHorizon™ allows you to set up processes that bulletproof critical compliance requirements, shared visibility of shipment details, and optimization of your logistics cost. Users get all these features and services, without the pain of a multi-year IT implementation, or organizational overhaul.

POHorizon™ is a cloud-based platform that deploys with ease throughout your organization. Critical records are stored, shared & retrievable from anywhere with high standards of security.

So, why POHorizon™ ? Ultimately, this software will provide an easy and very functional way for document control and document creation for import and exports. Some of the many benefits of our services include:
  • The ability to instantly go to and retrieve documents at any given time, rather than keeping hard copies and killing trees.
  • Increased positive business reputation when documents are produced in an organized and timely manner.
  • We will take care of scanning, checking, and controlling all documents for you- this will both simplify and minimalize your responsibilities and tasks.
  • Document control and creation is a necessity for all Import Managers- POHorizon™ fills that gap.
  • Low-cost compared to direct competitor rates, combined with more efficient and functional features.
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