POHorizon Announces The Release of its Cloud-based Solution Software for Exporters & Importers

We are excited to announce that POHorizon has launched an SaaS solution, that allows companies to create shipping documents, track their freight, retain necessary documents and stay in compliance with the U.S. import/export laws. Powered by the cloud, POHorizon enables seamless archiving of records on digital media. Sergio Retamal, President & CEO of POHorizon, believes this was a necessary step to help small to mid-size importers and exporters to compete globally and comply with U.S. Laws as these companies continue to expand globally. allows importers and exporters to contact the POHorizon team directly with any questions in just a few clicks. It’s easy to find POHorizon’s new affordable month-by-month subscriptions and subscribe to our services on-line. “The cost of this type of product has been only affordable by large companies. Now, small or mid-sized corporations can be on equal footing to large multi-nationals, who have expensive systems and lawyers on hand. We provide that support so that these smaller companies will be on par with the big dogs” said Mr. Retamal.

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, POHorizon is a platform that monitors shipments and costs across the supply chain, allowing clients to make real-time decisions to prevent and solve problems. It also optimizes collaboration across the key players from the inside and outside of a company, providing solid document control. This addresses the current needs of global supply chain visibility, traceability, document retention, document creation and global trade compliance. All of these are day-to-day responsibilities for any company that engages in international business, because they are subject to several legislative and operational issues on both sides of the ocean.

For more information, please visit POHorizon’s website at, call (408) 744-6598 or email to get ahold of the POHorizon team.
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