Supply Chain Visibility
POHorizon™ gives you end to end supply chain visibility, from manufacture to delivery to the customer’s door. This allows your company to save money by managing and controlling your entire process and identifying redundancies and cost overruns. You can see milestones and drill down to track individual part numbers, invoice numbers, and PO numbers. You can receive a snapshot by date, destination country and customer name to analyze trends.
Import/Export Compliance
The U.S. Government is increasingly auditing companies involved in the global trade of goods and services. Whether they're shipping from the USA or from a foreign entity governed by different laws and regulations, the result of these audits frequently has a direct and profound negative impact on the bottom line of companies that have not invested in their internal controls and dedicated the necessary resources. In recent years governments around the world have been under increasing pressure to raise revenues, therefore audits, sanctions and penalties are being used with more and more frequency than ever before, placing additional pressure on companies to perfect their internal processes in order to avoid increased scrutiny. Less than perfect compliance will affect your business tremendously and tarnish your corporate image. POHorizon™ helps your company to stay in compliance by tracking all of the required documentation for your imports and exports including: ECCN, HTS, CCATS, License information, Country of Origin and AES filing information. PO Horizon can be used to run your internal audits and help your company to minimize its liability.

Document retention is simple with POHorizon™. Document retention is a crucial piece of import/export regulations, as most regulations require companies to retain documents for at least five years. In addition, government agencies will often conduct audits and expect you to produce all of your records at the drop of a hat. With POHorizon™ you have the power to:

  • Upload your documents and shipment details
  • Index large document files to easily find the exact document you need
  • Search by PO number, date, destination country and more
  • Report function lets you conduct internal audits and manage your documentation process
Freight Spending Controls
POHorizon™ has the tools to save you time and money on your freight forwarding. It allows you to run reports, manage your specs and take freight mta.
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